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7. P.M. Dawn23
P.O.D.8. P.O.D.1280
9. PC Quest24
PJ Harvey11. PJ Harvey323
Pablo Cruise13. Pablo Cruise441
15. Pacifier41
Page and Plant20. Page and Plant426
Panic! at the Disco27. Panic! at the Disco480
Pantera28. Pantera142
Papa Roach31. Papa Roach2320
32. Papa Vegas39
Paradise Lost34. Paradise Lost15
Paramore35. Paramore611
Passion Pit44. Passion Pit27
Pat Benatar45. Pat Benatar2244
Pat Travers68. Pat Travers63
70. Pato Banton119
Patrick Simmons88. Patrick Simmons63
Patrick Wolf92. Patrick Wolf10
Patti Rothberg94. Patti Rothberg47
Patti Smith96. Patti Smith294
Patty Smyth98. Patty Smyth335
Paul Carrack119. Paul Carrack335
134. Paul Dean27
176. Paul Kelly [Australian musician]89
184. Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder313
Paul Rodgers206. Paul Rodgers204
Paul Simon213. Paul Simon1765
214. Paul Simon & Phoebe Snow47
Paul Weller235. Paul Weller778
Paul Westerberg236. Paul Westerberg228
245. Paul Young911
Paula Cole246. Paula Cole230
Pavement249. Pavement100
250. Payolas159
251. Peace Together22
Pearl Jam252. Pearl Jam5993
257. Peeping Tom12
Pennywise260. Pennywise32
People in Planes261. People in Planes28
Pepper262. Pepper73
Pere Ubu266. Pere Ubu74
Pernice Brothers267. Pernice Brothers2
Pet Shop Boys273. Pet Shop Boys2393
274. Pet Shop Boys & Dusty Springfield197
277. Pete Bardens30
Pete Droge285. Pete Droge42
Pete Townshend303. Pete Townshend678
304. Pete Townshend & John Williams18
Pete Yorn316. Pete Yorn84
318. Pete.46
331. Peter Case45
Peter Cetera332. Peter Cetera314
333. Peter Cetera & Amy Grant132
334. Peter Cetera & Chaka Khan14
Peter Frampton346. Peter Frampton646
Peter Gabriel347. Peter Gabriel2234
348. Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush47
357. Peter Himmelman57
Peter Murphy377. Peter Murphy478
Peter Schilling384. Peter Schilling149
386. Peter Shelley14
Peter Wolf397. Peter Wolf507
Peter, Björn & John401. Peter, Björn & John85
Phantom Planet403. Phantom Planet64
404. Phantom, Rocker & Slick91
Phil Collins412. Phil Collins3338
Phil Lynott433. Phil Lynott74
Phil Seymour444. Phil Seymour54
Philip Bailey460. Philip Bailey317
Phish472. Phish107
Phoebe Snow473. Phoebe Snow134
Phoenix474. Phoenix205
476. Phunk Junkeez12
480. Pillar56
Pink482. Pink113
Pink Floyd483. Pink Floyd2134
484. Pink Grease13
Pitchshifter487. Pitchshifter21
Pixies488. Pixies541
Placebo489. Placebo544
Plain White T's490. Plain White T's485
491. Plan B [1°]26
492. Planet P173
Poco494. Poco463
495. Poe238
Point Blank496. Point Blank148
Poison [hard rock band]498. Poison [hard rock band]1203
499. Poison the Well1
502. Polyrock1
Polysics503. Polysics2
505. Poorboys87
506. Pop Evil194
507. Pop Will Eat Itself323
Porcupine Tree509. Porcupine Tree41
511. Porno for Pyros428
512. Portishead95
513. Possum Dixon81
514. Pound48
Powderfinger515. Powderfinger37
518. Powerman 5000372
521. Pre-Thing13
522. Prefab Sprout15
523. Presence25
Pretty Girls Make Graves526. Pretty Girls Make Graves2
527. Preview12
528. Pride & Glory54
529. Priestess26
Primal Scream530. Primal Scream712
531. Prime Sth62
532. Primer 5513
533. Primitive Radio Gods267
Primus534. Primus350
Prince535. Prince1196
538. Prism216
Procol Harum539. Procol Harum409
Project 86541. Project 8620
542. Prong5
543. Propaganda65
Pseudo Echo544. Pseudo Echo23
Public Image Ltd.545. Public Image Ltd.687
Puddle of Mudd546. Puddle of Mudd2701
Pulp547. Pulp381
549. Pure33
Pure Prairie League550. Pure Prairie League240
Pure Reason Revolution551. Pure Reason Revolution9
552. Puressence50
Puscifer553. Puscifer34
554. Pushmonkey32
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